【September 23th, 2020】I GOT IT DONE

Hi, I am Chip.


I have been keeping my diary with this blog since September 12th, 2020.


I try to use the words and the phrases that I learned today in my diary as output to memorize them certainly.


★Today's mission★

unusually :珍しく

be jealous of  A:Aを羨ましく思う

round-trip ticket往復切符、往復航空券


get it done終わらせる

be hyper/be so energetic/have a lot of energy :テンションが高い


I unusually got up at nine a.m. As you know, It was much earlier than usual. I did that to help my friend to get a limited pair of sneakers. He is a collector of sneakers, and he really wanted it, so he asked me and our other friends to join kind of a lottery to get it. Unfortunately, all of us could not win the lottery, so he could not finally get it. Yet, he found it at an online auction. He was thinking about if he should buy or not even though it was sold for the twice original price. I wonder why he wanted it even though he already has various kinds of sneakers. But I am feeling jealous of him that he has a hobby that he can get excited about.



After joining the lottery, I took a listening exam as always and watched a DVD about the preparation for the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test.



And then I had lunch with my friend who has been keeping touch for a long time at one p.m. I was happy to see him cause it had been a while since I last met him.



Then I took online English classes every hour from two p.m. to five p.m. as usual. I was somehow hyper while taking those classes. I am not sure why I was so energetic, but it might be because I had a satisfactory time until taking the first lesson. Surprisingly, today's teachers all had a lot of energy as well. Today's lessons were like having video chats. But I feel it is a better way to improve my English because I can feel relaxed while speaking English. Thanks to that, I can talk with my teachers in English without too much thinking. Of course, I reviewed my classes as always. Everything seemed to go well today.

そんで、いつもどおり14時から17時まで1時間おきにオンライン英会話を受けたよーん。今日はなんかテンション高めで受けた!笑 なんでそんなテンション高かったのか分かんないんだけど、朝から充実していたせいかな。そしたら今日の先生たちもみんなテンション高い先生ばっかりで。なんか今日は普通に電話でおしゃべり楽しんだ感じ笑 でもこういう方が英語伸びる気がするな~。リラックスして、そんな考えずに先生と英語話せるから。復習もバッチリやったし、今日はなんかいろいろ順調だった!


Besides, I arranged a round-trip ticket from Osaka to Ishigaki and accommodations in Osaka, Ishigaki island, and Taketomi island. But the return ticket is not to Osaka but to Tokyo. I have procrastinated for a while, so I was satisfied to get it done today. I look forward to visiting Ishigaki island for the first time in a long time!




That is all. I had a wonderful day. Good night!





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