1. Define “ambition”
Ambition is to have one’s goal or dream. It is necessary for people to live actively. That would be alright even if it is not big. It makes people motivated.


2. Do you think ambition should be a part of your life?
Of course, I believe so, as I mentioned in No.1. It is connecting with my life strongly. I try not to give up starting something before I try it. I believe in myself. So, I always try it once. Then, I consider if it is possible or impossible for me. But most cases are easier than I expected before I try it. That’s why trying once is very important to succeed.


3. How did our ambition helped us to what we are now?
It makes us confident about something we are trying. I believe we cannot keep doing something to achieve our goal without our confidence.


4. Do you think you’ve got all that you’ve wished for?
Definitely, no. I sometimes fail to my goals. For instance, my goals of 2020 were getting 900 points for TOEIC which is a popular English examination in Japan. Also, I wanted to pass the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test. However, I could not realize both of them. I got really upset, but I knew that my challenges were very meaningful and great opportunities to know my ability. I actually thought they were impossible for me. But I could almost achieve their goals, according to my scores. So, I will continue make effort to realize them this year.


5. Why do you think even at a young age, one should have ambitions?
Because we can make sure what we should do. Ambition is related to our goals sternly. Then, we can come up with some tasks to accomplish it. So, we can spend our life more actively and effectively. That’s why people should have it since we are in childhood.


Describe your ambition when you were a child.

The dream of my childhood was becoming a pharmacist. My mother recommended me it. There were some reasons. Firstly, she believed that the occupation is also stable in the future because medication is essential for people. Secondly, there was a famous university that has the meager of pharmacy next to our hometown. I wanted to reassure her. So, I studied hard when I was in elementary school. I did extra work that I made for my self after finishing my homework. I had written what I learned on my notebook by thirty pages per day. Fortunately, my teacher kindly checked my notebook every day. So, I enjoyed it. However, I noticed that I was not good at mathematics so much when I was in junior high school, though, I was excellent at English. So, now I changed my dream. I want to work overseas or get a job where I can speak English in Japan. I think it is better than the previous one because it is my dream, not my mother’s dream.


1. Do you think it is possible to be successful just having an ambition?
Absolutely, no. We cannot succeed unless we strive for our goal. It is similar that praying the full score without studying for a test. It is ridiculous.


2. Steps in achieving our ambition is possible.
Firstly, to make sure our goals. Secondly, to list up what we need to do to achieve the goal. Thirdly, Try the things of the list hard. Besides, we should record what we did and evaluate it regularly. It makes us motivated.


3. There is a proverb that says, "A man without ambition is like a ship without a rudder. A nothing- a no man." Do you agree?
Certainly, I agree. We will get suffer from our future if we cannot imagine our future lives. A goal is like a rudder of a ship. So, we need to have it for sure to proceed to our lives for the better.









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