【October 13th, 2020】LOVELY DAY

Hi, I am Chip.


I have been keeping my diary with this blog since September 12th, 2020.


I try to use the words and the phrases that I learned today in my diary as output to memorize them certainly.


★Today's mission★

Fragrant Olive:金木星

open seat:空席


It was pleasant today as well. After breakfast, I took a mock listening test as always. The score was almost the same as yesterday. But I felt regretful because I thought I could listen to English better than yesterday.



Then I analyzed my weak points by listening to my answers from questions that I answered incorrectly. As a result, I figured out that I could listen to English properly. The problem is that I could not remember the whole question. Moreover, I did not have enough time to check the questions and multiple-choice options. So, an effective measure is reading everything before starting the audio, as Akira said.



After that, I could not focus on studying at all, so I did abs training. I could do it six times but it was so hard. I have doubts that I can do it ten times by this weekend. I felt like talking to someone, so I went down to the first floor. Fortunately, Akira called me, so I stayed in the guys' room for a while to talk.



Sven showed me how to improve my abs. It looked easy to do, but it was actually so hard to do by myself. I easily get tired, so I want to develop my muscles as much as possible though it will take a long time to do that.



Then Kozue came there and gave us a souvenir from Hokkaido. It tasted so good. After that, I was thinking to grab a snack for lunch, but I didn't need to do that because Sven made pancakes for us. He did that so quickly. The pancakes were fluffy, so I enjoyed it.



Then I went to a Starbucks to study. I felt relaxed as I smelled the aroma of Fragrant Olive. I was happy because smelling it is one of the reasons why I like autumn. There were a lot of people studying in a Starbucks, so it was much more difficult to find a seat than I expected. But, luckily, I found an open seat outside after getting a coffee. I could focus on studying while feeling the fresh breeze. I wish this comfortable period would last for a long time.



That is all. I had a pretty good day. Good night!





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