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1. How do you inform yourself to current events?
I get the current information from my cell phone. I don’t watch TV so often, so I know the news by looking at online news or social media. I often use Instagram and Twitter. It helps me know what is happening to Japan and even all over the world.

2. How do you feel when you hear the news today?
Nowadays, I feel sad and sorry to hear the news. Most news is related to the pandemic. As it is getting cold, the situation of COVID-19 is getting worse all over the world. I am planning to go to Canada to study English and get a job. But, in this situation, I have to put off it until it is over. Besides, a popular actor and two actresses committed suicide in 2020. It gave Japanese people a big shock and deep sadness.

3. Are you bothered by today’s news?
Yes, I am. I cannot do what I want to do. I cannot make a plan because I cannot read the future. It is bothering me. As I mentioned in No.2, I am planning to go to Canada, so I don’t have a job, don’t own my house in Japan. It depends on the circumstances of the pandemic.

4. What kind of news usually bothers you?
In particular, about COVID-19. I like traveling, but I cannot do that this year. I especially like going to other countries, but it is not allowed because of the pandemic. I tried to travel inside Japan because there was a special campaign that discounts the expense of our trips such as the fare of a train and a fee of accommodation. It is really helpful for travelers. However, it depends on the pandemic as well. Nowadays the campaign has stopped. The government is saying that it will restart when the situation of the pandemic is getting better. So, I always check this kind of news these days.

5. Are people in your country interested/conscious/updated of today’s current events?
I don’t think so, especially young people. They are interested in other matters much more than current events. For instance, they are into their study, favorite artist or music, and relationships with friends. They don’t have the custom to read the news’ paper or watch the news on TV.


Describe a source of media.

I would describe the news on TV as a reliable tool to know current events. I don’t use it so often, but I check it to confirm the fact when I see interesting news on my cell phone. I actually look at the news on the Internet more often than on Television. However, I am not sure if the contents on the Internet are one hundred percent reliable. I recognized the speed of posting the news online is superior to on TV, though. The reason why I believe the news on TV is reliable is that the number of mistakes has been much less than other media. I assume many people thoroughly check the news before broadcasting to avoid making a mistake.




1. Do you think that today’s news are still reliable or just exaggerated?
I believe it is still credible except for online news. The news on TV or newspaper describes the topic in detail. Those media show the specific number about the news with some graphs and charts. On the other hand, online news notifies the news quickly, but it is sometimes not specific and credible.

2. Do you think the media is influencing our lives too much?
Yes, I sometimes think there are some meaningless topics. For example, about the scandal between a famous actor and an actress. It doesn’t matter to our lives, but those are often informed. Besides, People prone to care about that too much. It seems a vicious circle.

3. There is a proverb that says, "In the age of information, ignorance is a choice" Do you agree?
Yes, I agree with this. Let’s say social media. Now we can access the information of individuals freely. It is convenient in some ways, but it sometimes causes a problem. We can know what our friends are doing now with social media and tend to compare with ourselves. For instance, a teenager would feel disappointed when she sees a post that her friends are hanging out without her. She wouldn’t have been hurt by it if she wouldn’t see it. I think people, especially youngers, don’t need to use social media so much. They should care about the real world not online.





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